New Space in Historic Murfreesboro is Perfect for Workshops!

One Block from the square, and ENDLESS opportunities for all sorts of teaching/learning – whether it be a cool, quiet space for some Q/A or an outdoor session at an authentic historic home, I’m SO excited to be here and KNOW that this will be the future of 2018 Lessons!!  Models looking for exposure and practice have become a welcome addition to those of you who are interested in improving your portrait work! 

NOW booking GROUP WORKSHOPS for LATE JUNE/EARLY JULY while teaching the sessions booked in MAY

Your Nashville Photography Lessons Investments

Essentials Lesson

$149 for 2 Hours,
$50 per additional friend.

 Great for anyone who loves photography, but needs a little help with technical skills. Our goal for beginner students is to teach you fundamentals such as ISO, Aperture, and Shutter-speed and the goal is to get your camera off AUTOMATIC mode forever

Digital Workflow

same rate as Private Camera Lessons. Perhaps you feel your camera skills are strong but you want to improve your editing, uploading, processing of your images to get the absolute best final product possible. Learn how to process your images once you have taken them, and best-practices for sorting, organizing and printing your images. Lightroom | Photo Mechanic | Photoshop 

Ask about GROUP Lessons. > 8 students at oncebooked by interest and skill level.  Great way to meet fellow shutterbugs in your area!


Already charging for your shoots? I’ll accompany you to a client meeting, proof showing, or any facet of your business that you feel could be polished. Let me know how if you want help with improving your craft (sales, editing, pricing, lighting, etc)

Don’t take our word for it! Read reviews from students who have already worked with us on google!

SIGN UP NOW | Lessons and Workshops are scheduled in order received

Lightroom | Photo Mechanic | Photoshop 

Ready to improve your digital workflow from the time you capture the images, to the time they are published/printed/backuped or archived?? I can help!! Want to improve your dodging/burning technique using either phtotoshop or Lightroom?? I can do that too!   Most importantly, I want to show you how to never again lose an image again, as well as how to find any image that you’re looking for!!

A Flash shouldn’t be a flash if it’s on your camera! 

My favorite students are the ones who are ready (after learning the basics) to learn how to create their own light and now the best way to learn this is with a continuous light source, but that takes half the challenge away – I only book one OR two students at a time for the OFF CAMERA FLASH workshop, but I can assure you that it will take your understanding of, and abillity to dramtically improve your craft to the next level . . . . EVEN IF YOU DECIDE TO STICK WITH AVAILABLE LIGHT.

I love teaching you guys, please accept my apologies for dragging my feet while I sold my house, dealt with a family estate situation among other things . . . .