man with big camera in nevada redrocks

Things to consider before buying a new digital camera

1) Is there a particular budget you’d like to stay under/around? ($400-$600, $1000 – $2000, etc)

2) What will be primary types of photographs taken? (ie: Landscapes, children playing, animal photos, travel photos)

3) What is past photography experience? (ie: ever owned a film slr? have you used point-and-shoot digitals before?)

4) Is size/weight a concern? (some larger heavier cameras have more features than lightweight, smaller cameras)

5) Is buying used something you’d like to consider to save $$$ ? (we buy many of our cameras used from reputable sources)

6) Do you plan on using any OLD lenses that you’ve perhaps inherited from a family member’s OLD camera??

7) What type of computer do you plan on using to edit/organize your images? How old is the computer?


All of these questions help us identify the best type of camera for your specific, individual needs and can also help us tailor our private photography lesson for your camera and primary usage habits.