About our Wedding Photographers


It is YOUR Day, Not Ours.

We are available for Travel WORLDWIDE and love to shoot destination weddings, but primarily cover weddings in Nashville TN as well as Savannah GA. Don’t hesitate to inquire about travel fees for our coverage anywhere your heart desires.

Find something you love doing SO MUCH that you would do it for free.  Then get so good at doing it that people want to pay you for it.

I absolutely love that adage and have done my best to live by it.  This is why we feel confident in saying that we are one of the premier wedding photographers in Nashville TN.  Our team doesn’t shoot weddings because we have to, but because WE LOVE DOING IT.   I often find myself smiling throughout most every wedding I’m shooting.  Sometimes teary-eyed, sometimes laughing, but always smiling.

Our Wedding Team consists of Don Wright, Carey Wilson, Tom Brewer and Andrew Nelson – we’ve all known each other for over 10 years and have shot over 100 weddings.  We shoot in a style that we call “Artistic Photo-Journalism” which just means that our photographs are strong enough to stand alone, yet together tell a story from the perspective of someone who didn’t miss a moment of the day!

We believe one of the most important reasons to select a wedding photographer is not just if they have pretty photos, but more importantly should be your connection with them on a personality and comfort level.  This is why I absolutely prefer meeting with you first or scheduling an engagement session.