Advanced Photography Lessons in Nashville TN

A few nights ago we were trying to come up with some really specialized topics to promote which have been popular requests from students during their first lessons.  In middle TN there are lots of budding photographers who really love stars.  I’ve been asked as many times how to accurately photograph the moon and starsTo which my usual reply is something like:

“well, let’s learn aperture and shutterspeed first, toss in a little bit of ISO understanding – and get to shooting every-day subjects confidently.  After that we’ll schedule another time to get together and focus on some more advanced techniques but today, my goal is to leave here knowing that you will never again revert to AUTO”

Advanced Photography Lesson Topics

So this list is going to become the foundation for advanced topics that we hope to begin teaching more of this coming Fall Season:

1) Intro to Off-Camera Lighting (using your flash NOT mounted on your camera)
2) Action Photography and Perceived Motion
3) Headshots/Portraiture (traditional)
4) Nightscapes (stars, moon, sky etc)

Some examples of what you might learn in Nightscapes lesson might be the way a flash can affect the depth of a long-exposure night-time photo like the one featured at the top of this post.

5) Product Photography (photographs of items)
6) Documentary Photography (Journalism and Candid Techniques/Strategies)
7) Panoramic Photography (Shooting & Processing)