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looking for standard photo lessons?

by Popular Demand

Group Workshops for friends and coworkers

not only help you use your camera and also have subjects to take turns shooting with, but also have the added benefit of having more than one memory to help recall what you’ve learned weeks later! Have 2-3 friends who also love photography as a hobby who want to take it to the next level? Maybe a fun social activity for 2-3 couples who would like to make an evening out of the occasion!

Group Workshop Investment

Parties of 4 or more save money compared to single student classes – cost is $50/person/hour, 4 people for 3 hours would be $150 each

What Group Photography Workshops Include:

Our Group lessons all include:

  • Take-home workbook with assignments and summary of important information
  • Hands on experience Shooting, Editing
  • Relaxed, fun atmosphere with laid-back structure (no strict itinerary)
  • Optional BYO Beer or wine welcome 

Workshops are Scheduled Once each month or TWICE if demand is high. April > October

Target group sizes are between 10 and 4 people.

Generally if your group already know each other (friends, family members, peers or work buddies) I’ll provide availability and let you coordinate yourselves to simplify booking and questions.

If you’re more interested in signing up and meeting some fellow photographers (if you aren’t your own group) after deposits are received, I’ll send a questionnaire to learn more about their current skill level so that we can tailor our lesson plan to your groups specific skills and interests.