After 2 years of caring for my father at home, I’m BACK and have much to catch up on! Now booking lessons for AUGUST, in order received

We’ve taught OVER 600 private photography lessons since 2009 through 2015 until my short 2 year hiatus. But I’ve missed teaching so much and love showing and teaching you how to use ANY camera, not just the one you have right now. After all, what good is a $700 camera (or more) if you’re using it in automatic mode?

Your Nashville Photography Lessons Investment Options

Essentials Lesson

$149 for 2 Hours, $50 per additional friend who wants to come along. Great for anyone who loves photography, but needs a little help with technical skills. Our goal for beginner students is to teach you fundamentals such as ISO, Aperture, and Shutter-speed and the goal is to get your camera off AUTOMATIC mode forever

Digital Workflow

are also available at the same rate as Private Camera Lessons. Perhaps you feel your camera skills are strong but you need a little assistance in the editing, uploading, processing of your images to get the absolute best final product possible. We teach you how to handle your images once you have taken them, and best-practices for sorting, organizing and printing your images using Lightroom which can be downloaded at no cost for a 30 day trial from Adobe’s website.

Mentoring Sessions

1/2 Day:$349 for 4 hours
Full Day: $499 for 6 hours –

This is an opportunity to have undivided attention, accompanying you to a client meeting, print party, proof showing, or any facet of your business that you feel could be polished. Let me know how we can help you improve your craft (sales/rapport, lighting, etc)

Don’t take our word for it! Read reviews from students who have already worked with us on google!