Nashville Area Birthday Party | Events & Parties

As children grow up and time goes by, we rarely have a chance to keep up with how fast it happens.  Birthdays are always a great time to get friends and family together to celebrate yet another 12 months of experiences and memories.  I personally love capturing birthday parties for the same reason I enjoy documenting weddings.  Happiness and joy are best described by the look on a child’s face when they get their turn in the birthday spotlight.  Chances are that most moms and dads have their own cameras, but in this busy world of gadgets, facebook and technological wizardtry, it’s hard sometimes to enjoy BEING in the moment when you’re busy wondering where you left the battery to your camera, or wondering why the ipad photos just don’t look like they are the right color.

Leave it to a professional photographer so you can actually BE in the moment and actively participate in the annual controlled chaos.  Put down the camera and pick up your little one for a photo-opp and let us capture this one for you!  Read more to see the gallery of Launa’s birthday party!