A Contemporary Mounting Option

The sleek Standout is made from lightweight foam with the edge of your choice. Choose from popular sizes between 8×10” and 30×40” and two different depths. Holes are added to the backside making it ready to hang as soon as it arrives.  I really love this product because it’s so easy and affordable, yet still a very elegant way to showcase your favorite images without having the hassle and expense of frames, matting, wiring and putting heavy objects on your wall where you might not always have a stud.

Two Depth Options

Mount your print to either a ¾” or 1 ½” depth Standout with your choice of edging.  This is simply the thickness of the foam-board on which the print is mounted.  Unless you prefer a larger block, our default thickness is the standard 3/4″ size.

Edge Options

There are lots of different types of edging that can be applied to your standout in order to give it a more finished look – it can also become a part of your home’s pre-existing decor or style by accessorizing your edges to match!



Light Wood
Stainless Steel