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3/4” Black Standout

Sleek and slightly textured, Black Standout is a black plastic edging that encases lightweight foam. Choose from popular sizes between 8×10” and 30×40”


This traditional mounting surface provides a heavy duty and long lasting substrate. Our Masonite comes in the standard 1/8” size and is perfect for the high-end market.



Foamboard is available in white and is 1/4” thick. The foam material is encased in a durable plastic shell and can be the perfect lightweight solution for inserting in frames.



Styrene is our most popular mounting substrate, available in 3mm white and black. Made from plastic, it is not susceptible to warping.



A heavyweight, dry mount board at an economical price. Over time, some warping may occur due to its fiber-based nature. For this reason, we do not offer sizes larger than 16”x20”.







mounting_large_matboard_01 styrene foamboard