Photography Albums


Handmade at Home

Every Book, dust cover, and presentation box is made in the United States. ​We are proud to support companies that have a production facility and staff ​who all reside in the U.S.

KISS’s   Got Your Back

Rest Easy.

KISS Books are warrantied for life. If there’s a manufacturer’s defect, ​they will rapidly repair or replace it at no cost to you. Shaun and Kevin, the founders, are both heavily involved in day-to-day operations; they will make sure you are taken care of.

The Art of Printing and Binding

Only the best.

Press-printed books work for prosumers, but our clients’ reputations are on the line when they are delivering albums and we take that seriously, which is why we decided that every book we make, from the 4″ to the 12″, is made with true photographic printing on the finest Fuji Crystal Archival paper.

Don’t miss a thing.

Our pages lay beautifully flat, so you don’t lose any of the image in an unsightly fold. Each spread can be presented in all of its glory due to our modern binding and block-building processes.

Cutting is for Cookies.

A beautiful layout shouldn’t be cut down the middle; even the smallest cut is distracting. KISS builds all of our spreads with a micro-fold, preserving the full impact of your design. Bending a photograph usually results in damaging the print. That’s why we developed a unique micro-fold that prevents our prints from discoloring in the crease.


We offer our premium albums to our clients AT COST and only charge a design fee per spread.

A 26 page, 10″ Linen book would be calculated like this: (based on attached Kiss 2014-Pricing sheet)

10″ Linen Base price = $129 (includes 10 spreads)

16 Additional spreads (totalling 25) would be $7 each = $7 x 16 = $112

Design fee for 26 spreads (see sheet @ $14/spread) = 26 x $14 = $364

Therefore, $129 + $112 + $364 = $605

But, design fee doesn’t apply to multiple books, so 2 books would only cost $846 and THREE books would cost $1087

I layout every book from scratch and have attached my latest layout as an example, along with images of the Kiss Books themselves, but make sure to visit their website ( because they do a much better job of promoting and describing their products than I could do in a PDF file.

Books are bound, printed and guaranteed by Kiss Books USA
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