Branding, Logo Design, Colors and Perception, Identity

Things we consider and factor into decisive logos for your Brand

  1. Do you have a tagline or a slogan? Would you like to see it incorporated with the logo?
  2. Do you have any particular point of emphasis you want to see in the design?
  3. How would you describe your company/business to someone who has no knowledge of your existence?
  4. Describe your target market, gender, age, geography.
  5. What are the marketing and business goals using this logo; what will it accomplish?
  6. Will the logo be used in print, online, signs or other materials?  What are the immediate plans for logo usage?
  7. What, if any, colors or themes have already been used throughout or concurrently with your brand?
  8. Using vocabulary words, share 6-10 words that you want your customers to FEEL or PERCEIVE in your logo (ie: refined, authentic, modern, new, accurate, affordable, simple, quick, powerful)
  9. Do you have an in house design team to ensure correct logo usage in the future?
  10. Describe your direct competition; provide addresses to their websites if available.
  11. What logos or websites have you seen that you like or catch your eye?
  12. Are there any elements that you would like to see included in your logo design? What elements from your old identity do you like or dislike?