Wedding Photography FAQ

Where do we start?

Well, first you contact us and let us know you’ve scoured the entire internet and we’re your favorite. Right?  We hope so! Seriously, I hope you’re shopping around because this is undoubtedly the 2nd most important investment you’ll make for this whole event planning! (fiancée is hopefully the MOST important)

1) Contact Us

2) We meet and discuss your details (location, date, mood, size)

3) Put Together a package to meet both your needs and budget

4) We take a 40% Retainer to hold the date officially

5) You sign a contract to confirm details!

6) Celebrate! You’ve handled one of the most important investments you can make to preserve your wedding day forever.

Feel free and make comments to this page and we’ll answer anything we can as well as share the answer with other curious couple like you!

Do You Offer Albums?

We offer 5×5 books beginning at $100 as well as giant, gold and diamond-dipped monstrosities that must be delivered by helicopter. (insert laughter)  Really though, albums can be so unique and individual that we’d love to sit down with you and discuss your interests.

Common variables include Size (4×4 > 16×24) | Cover Material | Eco Friendly? | Page Thickness | # of Pages | Design Complexity | Paper Used | Machine Printed or hand crafted

Lets talk about your personal ideas and find a solution that will meet both your needs and your budget.  Keep in mind that things in this world are either GOOD, FAST, or CHEAP but you can only pick 2 of those things.

Do You Travel? If so, what’s the fee?

We love nothing more than a destination wedding.  Our second favorite type of wedding is one that is out of town, in an exciting new location that we’ve never been to before – so the answer is Yes!  Our Travel needs are very different depending on where your particular location will be, so please contact us to discuss details but here’s a basic run-through.  Savannah GA has a flat $250 travel fee, and we don’t require any room/board there since we have an office in Savannah that we can call home for the duration of your event.  We also cover a 60 mile radius of Nashville TN for no extra charges, but anything beyond that is $0.60/mile + we ask our client’s to provide lodging accommodations for us.  If your destination is somewhere even more exciting (Cancun? Italy? Spain?) than we consider that a special circumstance and are happy to work out special travel rates for you.