Nashville Daytime 2010

Interesting to see the state of construction in this older photograph – the pinnacle building is now complete and beautiful!

Nashville at Night

SE Georgia Landscapes

Florala Alabama Landscape Photography




Florala, Alabama Landscape photo of sunset, cypress trees and water

Stars, Timelapse, Night Photography Series

In light of the meteor shower that we had a couple days ago, I got inspired and decided to setup some long exposure time-lapse photos right here in my back yard. While conditions were perfect, and gear was setup – I didn’t realize that clouds were soon rolling in and would end up completely botching my plan to get 6 hours of earth’s rotation, and ended up getting only 1.5 hours of rotation . . . . bummer. But, there’s always next week or whenever the next clear night will be. Stay tuned for links to the video sequence, clouds and all!

Seaside, Florida Landscapes