TMPartners | Nashville Interior & Architectural Photography

I was honored when TMPartners requested my services to capture and present their new office lighting for an award consideration! They are truly a class all their own, and having recently met their teams while documenting their grand-opening celebration, I knew that their offices and spaces would look even more elegant and inspiring when vacant than they did when filled with happy employees celebrating their success. To meet the requirements of the lighting contest, we were limited to a 60 second or less video + 10 images.

2016 Ford Focus RS | German Hot Hatch

So glad to see my work slowly coming back to life after a long period of time that has been dedicated to the health/well-being of my father.  I’m grateful that Ford Motorsports allowed me this privileged opportunity to photograph their amazing new 4-door, 4-cylinder, 4-wheel-drive, 6-speed rocket of a precision canyon carving icon.  I look forward to shooting some rolling video footage of it next week using a new drone, and follow this one up with an all new shoot of the new GT350 loaded with fresh new accessories for 2017 Catalog.


Nashville Country Music Icon | Martina Mcbride

New Orleans Corporate Retreat – TN Event Photography

View New Orleans Video Highlight Reel

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Nashville Daytime 2010

Interesting to see the state of construction in this older photograph – the pinnacle building is now complete and beautiful!

custom jack daniels guitar instrument

Jack Daniels Custom Guitar and Mandolin

Beautiful handmade instruments customized for any true Jack Daniel’s lover – these were a fantastic addition to the artwork in the Fortney Brothers’ new venue, Three Brother’s Deli

Vanderbilt Campus Welcome Guide Images

Campus photography isn’t something that I get asked to do every day, but Vanderbilt University’s campus is too beautiful to pass up the opportunity to shoot.  Plus, they are tremendously loyal to worthwhile vendors who help with projects like this – and finally, my father and sister both attended school there many years ago.  

Food Network Cookbook Shoot!

I can’t believe it but after years of trying to shoot a cookbook, I finally won the battle!! Okay so it didn’t ACTUALLY get published in Southern Living Magazine, but it did make it to their blog!  I’m a bad note taker and forgot to write down what each meal was since it wasn’t part of my job – unfortunately I have no idea . . . . any guesses?


Averitt Express Commercial Photography Shoot | Atlanta GA