Why Headshots Matter

Headshots give prospective employers, customers, and business partners an impression of who you are at a glance. A great headshot can convey many things. Your professionalism, your preparedness, and confidence. On the other hand, a poor headshot can have a highly negative impact and make people think, “If they didn’t take the time to do a proper photo, then what can I expect from them professionally”.  In a way, this can be more powerful than your resume. Visual images tend to stick with us. What’s that old adage? A picture is worth a thousand words.

The Nashville Area is thriving. This can make the job market and business market very competitive. Headshots should  always accompany your resume. Having a great headshot can set you apart from the crowed and help you be recognized.

You get one first impression. Don’t waste it!

 Why hire a Professional Photographer

Nashville TN Headshots

Your best bet is to hire a professional photographer for your headshot. Remember, this image will represent you to the world and will appear on everything from business cards, to social media. A professional photographer can ensure that:

  • You are properly positioned in the image
  •  You are in focus
  • The image is correctly cropped
  • The image is edited just right
  • The lighting is set up to help you look your best
  • Provide the correct file types you need
  • Provide different file sizes to fit your needs


How to prepare for your Nashville Headshot

Don’t wear clothing, jewelry or earnings that will distract to viewer from your face. Solid colors without patterns tend to be the best. Pick colors that look good on you. Try to avoid yellows and reds, as they can cause your skin tones to appear spotty. Bring a few different shirts/tops (on hangers) with you so you have some options. Keep in mind the purpose of your headshot and avoid anything that doesn’t convey professionalism (nothing without sleeveless, or low-cut necklines.) For men it is a good idea to bring a suit jacket and tie. Of course, if you have a particular area of business that allows for or expects a certain image you should dress for it!

Women: You want your makeup to look natural. Don’t over do it! Too much makeup will distract the viewer. We want people to look at You and not your makeup. Take some extra time to make sure everything looks good. The camera will capture all the small details. Bring some back up makeup with you to the shoot in case you need to reapply during the session. Always have a brush or comb with you as well

Men: Make sure your face is clean shaved, or your facial hair is neatly trimmed. Bring along some chapstick to avoid cracked lips. Also, have a brush or comb with you. Take a few extra minutes to make sure you look your best

How to take your Headshot

  • Have a neutral background. As with your clothing, you don’t want anything that will distract the viewer from your face
  • Have some with your smiling and some with a more serious look
  • Keep your headshot up to date. People will expect to see someone like the picture in person and don’t like to feel surprised or deceived. Your headshot should be honest
  • You want to be a little off-center of the image

 Check out some of our great Nashville Headshots!