Outside of brick house at Fairvue Plantation in Gallatin Tennessee

TN Real Estate Photography | Prices


As with most services, our prices all come down to time spent.  We refuse to do bad work.  We cannot shoot a 4000 square foot house in 1 hour if you want it to Be Great. We really charge by the hour, but due to the complex nature of being a traveling photography team, that hour could be spent driving to your location, shooting images, cleaning up unsightly clutter from the counter-tops or editing the images in photoshop to make them look the BEST they can possibly look.  Every home is unique, and some homes are more difficult to shoot than others, but as a general guideline, here’s what to expect price-wise, but again – keep in mind that we refuse to do mediocre work.

House Photography_DWD_6983

Small Homes or Apartments (less than 1500 Sq Ft)

15-25 Images + 2-3 Panoramic Perspectives (spins) ~ $85 (BASIC TOUR)

1500 – 2200 Sq Ft

30+ Images + 4-5 Spins   $120

2500 + Sq Ft

45+ Images and 5-7 Spins   $150

Recommended Options

Let there be light: $50-$100

The difference in that picture you took of your high school sweetheart and the girls in MAXIM magazine? Lighting.  Let us present your listing as though it will grace the cover of Architectural Digest or Southern Living Magazine.  We arrive with somewhere between 400 and 6400 watts of lighting gear to light the interior and exterior of every room that needs a little help.  Particularly useful in homes with big windows!

Show Off: $35
We post your listing to as many fruitful sites out there as possible, helping your LISTING get seen!  Also helps promote YOU as an agent – (sites like: craigslist, realtor.com, tnhomes, facebook, youtube, vimeo)

A product or service can never be more than TWO of the following things: Great, Cheap or Fast.  What does this mean?? Well – you can have something done quickly and thoroughly, but it will cost you.  You can also have something done extremely well, and affordably, but it most certainly will not be done quickly.  And last, you can get something done cheaply and quickly but don’t expect it to be worth the few dollars you spent on it.

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