Website Design, Analysis, Redesign and Improvements

No Such Thing as a Quick Quote

If a firm or design agency is able to give you a quick price to build or rebuild your next website without asking you lots of questions and getting very specific information from you first, then they are probably outsourcing to a foreign country, or using a pre-built duplicate of all their other websites, and you’re no more than a number to them.

Websites are all unique and provide different functions for different target customers

Therefore, each project should be treated as such, and in order to get the best and most accurate quote for your project, be prepared to spend some TIME providing a developer lots of specific data and relavent information about not only your company, but also your primary competitors.  If they aren’t asking you any of this information, don’t walk – RUN away.  


GONE are the days of websites being “online brochures” about your company

Websites should be viewed as TOOLS which save you and your company time, and help qualify and inform your customers before they even pick up the phone or send you that email so that you don’t have a secretary or receptionist who find themselves repeating the exact same quesitons time after time.  My background is in sales and I use that background to make sure that each and every element of your website is working towards assuming the sale.  Whether your company subscribes to the FAB Model (features, advantages, benefits) or even if you don’t have many competitors I don’t believe my job is done until you’re so busy taking on new, high quality, high margin clients that you are hiring more employees to keep up with the number of new customers!


In summary, the reason I ask for all of the following information is:

  1. To identify the current footprint that your company/organization/club already has online
  2. To assist in performing a competitive analysis of your ranking in relation to your competitors based on specific key phrases that your customers are already typing into google.
  3. To gather intelligence and awareness as to where your position in the market or environment is (buyer or seller, goods or services, profit or non-profit etc) to better select and recommend tools that will improve your productivity and help your customers online experience be as simple and accessible as possible.
  4. To establish whether you’re considering refreshing your brand, polishing your company or group’s identity or if we’re starting from scratch with a blank canvas.