Digital Asset Acquisition or Processing of Archive and Court Documents in Nashville TN

We’ve recently been busy acquiring court documents and digital assets in the Nashville TN area for a wide variety of clients.  Investigation Discovery, Paula Zahn and The Innocence Project are just a few of the many client’s we’ve helped retrieve photographs, court recordings, telephone transcripts and recorded phone calls, drawings, maps, surveillance video, evidence documents and other similar pieces of information.  Most of our client’s need our services in order to avoid having to fly someone into Nashville for what we can do at a much lower cost.  If you are in need of image or document acquisition, contact us and include details of what you need, a timeframe and the end usage of the materials so that we can assess your project and provide an accurate quote.

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Document and Image Acquisition Details

  We offer very High Resolution files scanned very carefully without damaging any old or dilapidated materials.  Additionally, we offer the optional services to enhance, upgrade or improve the quality of the files using our decades of experience touching up all sorts of photographs and digital files in the photography and graphic design world.   We also have the ability to convert cassette tapes and VHS tapes to more modern digital formats, complete with noise reduction/cancellation and lossless quality compression to lower filesizes for easy delivery via Dropbox (much faster than traditional mail delivery).  All files we acquire are stored for up to 6 months in the event that our clients misplace or lose the assets that we deliver.

Rates and Prices for Court or Newspaper Archive Retrieval in Nashville TN

  $150 for first hour, plus $75 per additional hour – $10 per image for cleanup unless image is badly damaged or requires extensive work to make usable for Television, Broadcast, Artwork or the Movie Industry.  If you need assistance aquiring Nashville TN area documents for your out-of-area project, contact us today.  We can also provide numerous references supporting our services upon request.